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Review of Odetah Campground

Aug 4 09

By admin

38 Bozrah Street Ext. P.O. Box 151 Bozrah, CT 06334

Price: (expensive) $54-$67 a night for 2 people, extra $3-$8 for others
Facilities: B+
Overall Score: B

Located in Bozrah, CT, Odetah was a pretty quick ride for me, about an hour away. When we first got there I was pretty surprised at the cost. It was about $300 for Wed-Sun stay. The kids are extra for each night.

When driving into the camp the first thing that catches your eye is the nice private lake with 2 massive inflatables, a big trampoline and a huge towering climbing wall in the middle of the lake. Also down by the beach are a snack bar, boat rentals, and playground.

Our site (161) was pretty large as far as sites go but it was also pretty open. I’m more into privacy but it ended up being fine. The road was pretty quite and the kids road their bikes around without any problems. So as far as sites go this was on of the better ones I’ve been at. One major problem though was the gray water drain. It was either clogged or the water table was to high so nothing drained into the ground. I noticed other sites with the same issue so I didn’t complain since they would not be able to fix it. It only really annoyed me when some folks put their tent right next to my gray water drain. They must have been rookies, anyone knows don’t tent near water. So I then had to sit back there with a 5 gallon buck it so I wouldn’t flood their tent because I’m a nice guy.

We did a lot of fishing which the kids liked, all you’ll catch though are sun fish. We also rented a boat for $9, which is really shaky with 2 adults and 2 kids. Friday night they were going to have a band but we got rained out. Saturday we were at the beach all day and I got to climb the wall and slide down into the lake. Don’t under estimate that climb, its hard.

Also that day they had Semi Pro Wrestling. It was pretty funny and the kids were glued to it for 3 hours. The down side was the closed the one bath room was closed for 3 hours for the Wrestlers to get dressed. This really sucked if you didn’t have a camper to go in. We then went and did a couple rounds of mini golf. Their were other activities but we didn’t have time to get to them all.

The campground has a well stocked store and the prices are reasonable. The fire wood was only $4 a bundle. The snack bar by the beach is great. The serve breakfast and lunch/dinner.

Everyone had a good time and I might come back here again if I can get over the price. There are also many attractions and stores nearby. If you do want to go here plan ahead because it starts to book up in April.
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